Safety & The Environment


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Health & Safety

The construction industry has taken huge steps towards removing the health risks posed to the stakeholders of our industry. At CCPD, the health, safety and welfare of employees and stakeholders takes precedence in all aspects of our service provision.

Ensuring that we reduce and remove risks to our employees and stakeholders is of paramount importance. We aim to maintain our high standards through a combination of constant monitoring and assessment of employees and processes.

All our operatives hold CSCS & UKATA Asbestos awareness certification. Approximately 80% of the workforce hold PASMA, qualifications and 60% hold IPAF certification. Supervisors hold SSSTS and Managers hold SMSTS training certification.

H&S Policy

The Environment

Our environmental duty as a user of hazardous materials is paramount to our on-going relationships with clients. With increasing levels of site audit trails for our clients, we have recognised the importance of holding transparent processes to achieve the goals our clients hold.

As a growing company it is our aim to develop a management system to allow a fully auditable trail of waste use and environmental and carbon impact. Critical aspects of our business which impact the environment adversely are monitored to ensure that their impact is reduced wherever possible, this includes specification changes, reduction of waste to landfill, increase in using recyclable products and materials, and a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ culture throughout our business processes and employee attitudes.

Where ever possible we recommend and utilise materials holding no or low VOC content, on large scale commercial projects, small specification changes in large quantity materials can amount to significant VOC savings, helping clients achieve BREAAM excellent ratings on relevant projects. We hold a relevant waste carrier licence facilitating the removal of waste from clients properties, which reduces our direct impact on their environmental impact, allowing us to take full responsibility for the waste we create.

Environmental Policy