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Industrial Coatings (Tor Coatings)

Steelwork – Utilities and Services – Tanks and Cylinders – Concrete

Warehouses –  Production Plants – Manufacturing Facilities – Bridges – Road and Rail

Protective industrial coatings are often pigeonholed to major industry such as marine protection or rail and highways specification. At CCPD, we have a passion for improving lifecycle maintenance periods through appropriate specification. Manufacturers can often suit specifications to their own product line, and at CCPD, we provide our clients with the knowledge to tailor their buildings to their specific requirements, ensuring industrial coating services of the very highest quality.

Our expert industrial coating experience includes providing steel and concrete protection to the rail, highway, commercial and industrial sectors. We work with a range of clients from civil engineering contractors, metalwork contractors, through to main contractors and private clients. CCPD have vast experience using protective industrial coatings products such as Tor Coatings and protective paints such as Dacrylate.

We have found through our experience with meticulously specified heavy industrial elements, that the cost benefits to lighter industry are huge. With greatly improved life cycles, extending the future requirement for maintenance, rather than undertaking minor improvements on a cyclical basis, resulting in high long term costs. We have taken this knowledge and used it in residential, commercial and light industrial projects to offer great long term benefits to our clients including reduced cost and interruption through maintenance.

Central Counties are therefore the choice for industrial coating in Birmingham and the Midlands region. For further information about Tor Coatings, please visit the official Tor Coatings website.