Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Floor Coatings

From 50 m2 to 15,000 m2 – no job is too big or too small. Perhaps you are looking to install pedestrian walkways, reinvigorate warehouse hatching, or completely remove an old coating and replace it with a brand new finish, we can facilitate all aspects of floor painting and the associated specialist coating services required.

We can provide all aspects of an industrial floor coatings contract from advanced floor preparation, concrete repairs and application of a wide range of general decorative coatings to industrial resin and epoxy floor coatings.

Our professional industrial floor coatings service can include:

  • Specialist preparation
  • Floor painting
  • Epoxy and resin coatings
  • Sealing
  • Dust proofing
  • Concrete repair requirements

We appreciate that this work can often conflict with our clients day to day business and therefore all works can be offered out of hours, you will never even know we were there! Whether it being during your standard shut down periods, working weekends and nights, we will provide a service tailored to each clients’ individual industrial floor coating requirements.