Fire Protection

Fire Protection (Nullifire)

As experienced applicators of intumescent coatings, we’re able to offer a complete approach to the application of fire protection and its ancillary trades such as decorative and protective coatings and chemical and mechanical stripping. We are approved contractors for Nullifire Ltd, and have vast experience in all types of application.

We are also in tune with the aesthetic requirements, which are regularly overlooked at an early stage of shell construction. With an increasing level of exposed structural elements our experience as a painting contractor helps provide context to final finishes, as well as ensuring a building is complete with life-saving flame retardants and intumescent coatings.

Early project involvement also creates an environment where the project team can liaise and gain familiarity well before the decoration work begins. This provides our expert site supervisors with the opportunity to provide effective cost savings suggestions, look for quality improvements, and allows an open and early communication channel which ensures that our customers’ needs are met and exceeded from the off set of our participation in any project.

Although these services often run exclusively of each other, as VFM and lifecycle costing become a prevalent factor in project procurement, the amalgamation of service providers can reap great benefits to the final product achieved before, during and after construction.

Ultimately, CCPD are proud to involved with Nullifire Ltd in improving the fire safety of buildings with Nullifire intumescent products, and that these essential fire protection measures are carried out to the very highest of professional standards.

If you’d like to get further information on intumescent coatings, fire protection, or additional information on Nullifire, then get in contact with us on 0121 350 4848.