2nd key stage of NIA phased works complete

Central Counties painters and decorators have completed another round of phased handovers at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham for BAM Construction. The painting and interior decoration involved the handover of two critical areas for the NIA, namely the new stars dressing rooms which have already seen the likes of Ozzy Osbourne grace its presence and the Barclaycard lounge on the south side concourse level.

Both areas created a number of issues which BAM and the subcontract trades have handled with care and completed to a high standard. In the new stars dressing rooms which are surrounded by live workspace for the NIA, 6 bespoke dressing rooms with shower facilities have been created. In the Barclaycard lounge a demanding and technical design has created an excellent environment for fans to enjoy before, during and after performances.

As an experienced painting contractor, our technical abilities were put to the test in the Barclaycard lounge, initial works involved the contained airless spraying of M&E equipment to an exposed blackout ceiling. CCPD specified Dacrylate 547 Solvent based acrylic & 541 HB Sheen as primer coats. The 547 line offered adhesion to a varying array of substrates such as plastic and foil backed insulation while also offering the flexibility of an acrylic paint necessary for heat fluctuation of the equipment when in use. The 541 line was utilised for galvanised ducting and equipment restraints, again providing excellent adhesion in a material which could be mixed to colour. Airless spraying allowed the works to be undertaken at comparative speed which was critical due to the programme and the intricacy of the substrates decorated. As well as using airless spraying to complete the M&E decoration, it was also utilised for the decoration of acoustic plaster boards within the walls.

All works were then top coated with Dulux Durable Flat Matt which offered a low sheen coating helping to camouflage the vast amount of equipment in use at ceiling level. All this work was undertaken while also managing a height variation of between 4 and 8 metres due to a descending oak covered viewing gallery installed in the middle of the lounge

This completion marks a critical stage in the project where focus now shifts on to the construction of the ‘D’ extension, CCPD will return to site in May 2014 to commence the final stage of decoration works.